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Vinyasa flow yoga by Sandy Thorpe in Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz

Listen to a podcast on how I got started with yoga:http://mobileom.studio/2019/08/09/an-interview-with-a-yogini-sandy-thorpe-podcast/

Next Workshop TBD

We had fun at the 1/11/20 arm balance workshop at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym in Santa Cruz! See below for photos I took.

Explore the active Vinyasa Flow Yoga of Sandy Thorpe. Start with gentle stretches, work up to a little cardio, try some new asanas, arm balances, and transitions, and then wind down to a peaceful savasana!



Sandy Thorpe, 200 E-RYT, has been teaching yoga for about 20 years and practicing for over 20. She has taught classes (sometimes a dozen each week) at various locations in the SF Bay Area, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, KLA Tencor, Cisco, various studios, and the YMCA. She currently teaches in Santa Cruz (Pacific Edge Climbing Gym and various other studios). She takes great delight in helping Yogis get into difficult arm balances and other yoga asanas.


Where's Sandy?


Monday 12pm: Facebook bldg 19, Monday 6pm: Yahoo! (Oath:)

Tuesday 12pm: Google GWC5

Wednesday 12:15pm: Cisco, Wednesday 5:30pm: Google TC5

Thursday 11:30am: Yahoo! (Oath), Thursday 5:15pm El Camino Y

Every other Saturday 11:30AM: El Camino Y


Thursday 9:00-10:00 am: Pacific Edge, Santa Cruz and subbing at Divinitree,  Pacific Cultural Center and Toadal Fitness (various locations).

Asana Flow to cleanse your body naturally
Learn how to get into arm balances, step by step
Asana Flow to cleanse your body naturally


Experience an irresistible yoga glow from the inside out. Unlock long-lasting health & vibrancy.
Align your mind, body, and spirit
Enhance your ability to focus

Photos taken at Sandy's classes and workshops:

Facebook                       Yahoo/ Verizon Media                       Google GWC5               Google TC5                Google B40                     Cisco                     YMCA

Fun poses to spark creativity
Challenging for all levels

Get In Touch

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More Class Photos

Pacific Edge Climbing Gym


Workshops are held at various studios in Silicon Valley, plus soon-- Santa Cruz!
I'm in the process of scheduling workshops for this Fall and Winter. Please contact me; (sandy@bluersky.com) I'd love to hear what kind of workshops you'd like to attend.


"That was the best class I've ever had -- Ever!"
"Sandy is so awesome -- and with LEGIT YOGA skills!"
"Other teachers teach the same moves every time. With Sandy, it's always a  different class!"
“Sandy teaches awesome classes!”
"Each pose flows easily into the next, with some unique transitions."
"The classes are always challenging."
"After  class, I have much more mobility in my hips, knees -- all my joints."
"I've gotten into arm balances I previously was unable to get into. She walks you through each and every movement."
"Her classes are the gold standard in my book."
"She really has a gift for discovering unique ways to get into asanas and also for making challenging poses easy to get into."
"I love her music!"
"I was having back pain, but have been taking Sandy's class for a year now, and the back pain is gone!